The 2008 Specialty Conference on Leadership and Management in Construction (LEAD 2008) will be a unique and groundbreaking event for the construction research community. The conference will bring together 30 leading researchers from around the world to exchange research results and future research directions in the areas of leadership and organization management. The specialty conference will be convened for the purpose of establishing an exchange and dialogue between leading researchers in this domain.

LEAD 2008 represents an opportunity to focus on a detailed set of topics over 3 days. Each session will be limited to 3 speakers to provide time for discussion on each topic. Each researcher will be expected to contribute to the discussions with the anticipated outcome of a publication that captures the latest in results from each participant.

About LEAD 2008
LEAD 2008 will provide a forum for researchers to present research findings as well as have in-depth exchanges on emerging research. The 2008 conference diverges from the large open invitation format used in previous LEAD conferences. We are inviting persons interested in organizing a session at this conference to select a topic of their choice related to the conference theme, and then assemble a panel of three speakers from different universities, companies or government agencies who are: (1) willing and able to attend the conference; and (2) will present different and even potentially opposing views on the topic. The conference organizers have assembled a jury that will review the session proposals and select five sessions from those submitted. Attendance at the conference will be limited to session organizers and speakers.

The presentation format for each session will be 3 15-minute presentations followed by 45 minutes of open discussion. The extended discussion periods will emphasize knowledge exchange among the participants. The conference format will once again have morning sessions with free afternoons to encourage free-time social and intellectual exchange, followed by invited evening speakers and activities.

Ray Levitt and Paul Chinowsky